August 2–Final Christmas project…

…and it’s my VERY favorite! I saw this amazing hand-painted ornament in this Etsy shop and knew that I had to have it.


But I didn’t really want to pay the money for it. And it’s not even available anymore. This shop does have some other great Supernatural themed ornaments though, like a Charlie Bradbury one and this cool Impala one. I thought maybe I could duplicate it but I had never really hand painted anything before. But that is what this whole Pinterest adventure has been about–to try new things, right? I am actually pretty proud of how it turned out…I really love it and can’t wait to hang it on my tree!



August 1–Christmas in…August: Fabric Tree Ornament

Soooo…it’s not exactly July anymore, but I still have a couple of Christmas projects up my sleeve! So I am extending Christmas in July for a couple more days! Today’s pin was inspired by this post over at Very Shannon:


This one was another pretty easy project, but it takes a bit of time and patience to hand-stitch the pieces. However, then all you have to do is hot glue them together! Easy peasy lemon squeezy 🙂 I chose to do my tree in colors that were more up my alley–turquoise and red! I’m sure if you have followed this blog for some time or if you know me at all you have figured that out! Here is my finished project:


Cutie patootie!

July 31–Christmas in July Day 7: Book Page Wreath Ornament

Today’s pin really could not be any simpler, but the final product has a certain vintage appeal to my old-fashioned tastes and I really love it. The original idea came from this post on Love of Family and Home. This woman made ALL of her ornaments for her tree and I think it looks fantastic. Her ornament looks like this:


I wanted a little more color on mine and I didn’t have the stamps she used so I improvised with a punch and a sticker. I think if I were to do this project again, I would either use a bigger book page (mine was pretty small–regular paperback novel size) or put in more accordian folds because it was a little tough to get all the edges together because it kept wanting to pull. But I really do love the rustic/retro look of it!


July 30–Christmas in July Day 6: Leather State Ornament

This project ended up being one that I had to just wing but I loved the idea of it so much I was determined to make it work! I got the original idea from a post by Emma Chapman over at A Beautiful Mess. I love the metallic leather she used:


I think I had my heart set on that metallic leather but I couldn’t find it. I settled for an interesting lavender color but I felt like it was too flimsy to hold up so I cut out two of the Kentucky template (I just searched online for a picture and printed it out to use a stencil) and sandwiched a piece of cardboard between them. I think it holds up much better that way and it was super easy to stitch around the edge. This one went quickly–the hardest part was actually finding the leather. If I ever find the metallic leather, I will definitely make another one of these 🙂


July 29–Christmas in July Day 5: Personalized Minecraft Creeper Ornament

I’m not gonna lie…this one is straight up stolen from the Etsy shop The Paint Brushed Boutique and they don’t even sell this ornament anymore…but this person is very talented at what they do and has some very nice things in their shop 🙂

So to start, I just took a square ornament that I actually had on hand, but you can get them at any craft store. Actually, you can probably get them right now since they have all had their Christmas stuff out since June…

Next I poured some green acrylic paint into the ornament and swirled it around until it completely covered the inside of the ornament. I let it dry for a little bit so I could handle it without moving the paint around too much. Then I just got out my trusty black paint pen and painted on the Creeper face, my son’s name and the year. After that dried, I tied a black ribbon to the top and just like that his ornament for his Christmas stocking is done! Add that to the fact that I have already finished the Scottie dog for my daughter and I am halfway done with ornaments for stockings!! Now I just need to find a good one for my other daughter and my husband…


July 28–Christmas in July Day 4: Paint Chip Tree Tags

Most of my Christmas in July posts are going to be ornaments, but today I want to share an easy (and cheap!) project that you can use to adorn your Christmas gifts rather than your tree! You can see the original pin plus some other great holiday ideas over on Stampin’ Pretty. Here is how inexpensive this project was for me:

Paint chips: FREE
Buttons and sequins: from my stash, essentially FREE
Twine: from stash, FREE

You could easily substitute paper cutouts or something else for the buttons and sequins and any other string for the baker’s twine to make this a free project customized to your stash 🙂 I also added some little dots for ornaments using my Stickles. Side note, I recently found my rather large stash of Stickles and I had forgotten how awesome and versatile these were! If you do not know what I am talking about, check it out here. It’s basically glitter glue but the tiny applicator makes it perfect for so many uses and you can control how tiny your dots are 🙂 Here are my finished tags:


July 27–Christmas in July Day 3: Felt Deer Stuffie Ornament

I’m not going to lie, this little deer was a pain in the butt! I guess due to the small accents and the legs being difficult to blanket stitch. I would definitely recommend this project ONLY if you have too much time on your hands and too much sanity you want to get rid of. I mean, she is pretty cute (if somewhat deformed), but boy did she give me a hard time (and a couple of glue gun burns…). If you want to stress yourself out like I did, you can get the pattern and full tutorial here at