July 29–Christmas in July Day 5: Personalized Minecraft Creeper Ornament

I’m not gonna lie…this one is straight up stolen from the Etsy shop The Paint Brushed Boutique and they don’t even sell this ornament anymore…but this person is very talented at what they do and has some very nice things in their shop 🙂

So to start, I just took a square ornament that I actually had on hand, but you can get them at any craft store. Actually, you can probably get them right now since they have all had their Christmas stuff out since June…

Next I poured some green acrylic paint into the ornament and swirled it around until it completely covered the inside of the ornament. I let it dry for a little bit so I could handle it without moving the paint around too much. Then I just got out my trusty black paint pen and painted on the Creeper face, my son’s name and the year. After that dried, I tied a black ribbon to the top and just like that his ornament for his Christmas stocking is done! Add that to the fact that I have already finished the Scottie dog for my daughter and I am halfway done with ornaments for stockings!! Now I just need to find a good one for my other daughter and my husband…



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