July 28–Christmas in July Day 4: Paint Chip Tree Tags

Most of my Christmas in July posts are going to be ornaments, but today I want to share an easy (and cheap!) project that you can use to adorn your Christmas gifts rather than your tree! You can see the original pin plus some other great holiday ideas over on Stampin’ Pretty. Here is how inexpensive this project was for me:

Paint chips: FREE
Buttons and sequins: from my stash, essentially FREE
Twine: from stash, FREE

You could easily substitute paper cutouts or something else for the buttons and sequins and any other string for the baker’s twine to make this a free project customized to your stash 🙂 I also added some little dots for ornaments using my Stickles. Side note, I recently found my rather large stash of Stickles and I had forgotten how awesome and versatile these were! If you do not know what I am talking about, check it out here. It’s basically glitter glue but the tiny applicator makes it perfect for so many uses and you can control how tiny your dots are 🙂 Here are my finished tags:



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