July 19–Del and Mel Layout

Today I decided to be crafty again–sometimes I just need to have a creative outlet to make me get out of funk 🙂 So I dug into my old pictures again and pulled out another winner from middle school in the 80’s…I am loving reliving some of the moments and remembering that it was fun sometimes back then, especially since I have two in middle school now! This picture is typical of me and my best friend Melissa–stylish and goofy! The title comes from our nicknames for each other: Mel is of course short for Melissa, and Del is short for Mindel, which was another nickname we had for me 🙂 We loved making up all kinds of nicknames for each other so I wanted to make sure I documented at least some of them. I have plenty of pictures of us together so I am sure a few more will pop up in my albums. At any rate, the inspiration for the layout came from here, a post on http://www.shimelle.com by Paige Evans. Her layout was inspired by quilting and featured one sweet little picture:


For my layout, I kept the main background design but took out the script words because I felt it overwhelmed my layout. The photo treatment stayed basically the same, I just moved it to the bottom left corner because my picture was cut in a silhouette (back when I didn’t know any better!) and it looked out of place in the original placement. I love the finished product. It turned out so colorful and fun–like, totally…



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