July 18–Reading Challenge Checklist

I really needed a simple pin today. Events of the day have made me grumpy and tired and feeling very UNcrafty. I debated whether or not perusing my Hottie McToddies board and ogling hot men constituted an actual project worthy of my blog. The final verdict is that, while definitely an activity that makes me smile, I would actually feel guilty calling it a “project.” I do not feel guilty, however, printing out a list of book categories to read (a sort of book scavenger hunt if you will) to be cheating. I’ll call it goal-setting. Or motivation. Or something to look forward to. At any rate, I am excited that I have checked off 12 just from books I have already read this year!


Thank you to my friend Jana for telling me about this challenge, which inspired the board where you can find this on my Pinterest page: Book Nerd. The original list comes from the Pop Sugar website where you can print it out (since the picture on . Happy reading!

As a parting note, I highly suggest making a Hottie McToddies board of your own–it really is a great way to get some concentrated eye candy 😉


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