July 15–Banana Oatmeal Walnut Chocolate Chip Cookies

I love cookies. I mean, who doesn’t? But I have yet to find a cookie recipe that fits my healthy lifestyle and still kicks a cookie craving. Today’s pin comes from The Burlap Bag and starts with two ingredients that I always have on hand: bananas and oats. And those are the ONLY two ingredients necessary (if you want plain old banana oatmeal cookies!). The possibilities are endless though to kick these up a notch. For my inaugural batch I mixed in some Cinnamon Plus spice from Pampered Chef, some chopped walnuts and sprinkled a few mini chocolate chips over top as well.


Overall I think these came out just OK. They have more of a no-bake texture than a cookie texture. I would definitely try it again and put my oats through the food processor to make more of an oat flour to see how that would change the consistency. Also, I think I would add some honey or agave (I splurged and bought some at the store today!) because they aren’t as sweet as I would like.


One thing I also would do differently is to flatten my cookies out a bit. They don’t spread out like regularly cookies and I scooped them using a cookie scoop. They will pretty much come out in the same shape they go in the oven! I will try this recipe again because it is easy and I always have bananas I need to use, but it might take a few tries to tweak it the way I want! I guess the search for the perfect cookie recipe continues…

Side note: The Burlap Bag also sells soy candles in hilarious scents like Crazy Cat Lady and Nerd Alert–I have no idea what those smell like, but I am certainly intrigued!


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