July 13ish–Quest Mug Cake

Okay, so it was bound to happen. I did not do a pin on July 13th…I could blame it on the fact that I had to shuttle kids around and do some other adult-y things, but let’s be honest: it was lack of motivation. So to make it up for it I am going to double up on pins today and count one for yesterday…because it’s my Summer of Pinterest and I can change the rules if I want to! The pin I chose to do for yesterday (which I really did today…confusing, right?) is a mug cake using Quest protein powder. I received some free packets of Quest protein powder and was holding on to the vanilla one specifically for this pin. I love a good mug cake and have really missed them since I have been avoiding extra carbs. This seemed like a good compromise and I had all the ingredients on hand.


It took longer to clean up after myself than it did to make this from start to finish! And it has the potential to be REALLY good. I followed the recipe exactly and it was quite dense and a little dry. I added a few mini chocolate chips and a bit of Arctic Zero “ice cream” to it though and it was pretty tasty. I think the next time I make it, I will either use a little more egg white or do one whole egg and 1 egg white to see if I can fluff it up a bit. Also, I will probably microwave it in 30 second increments to make sure it doesn’t overcook. But the coconut oil and coconut flour did give it a little boost in the flavor department and overall I am happy with the results. Just a few tweaks and I think this will end up being a go-to quick sweet treat for me!

I will post the actual project for today later on…I still haven’t finished that one!


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