July 11–Stranger Than Fiction

So today’s pin is markedly different from my previous days’ endeavors. Today I just needed to relax and be entertained. So I went to a board I haven’t been to for a source yet–my Movies To See board. I only had three movies pinned and had already watched two of them. So Stranger Than Fiction it was! If you happen to go to my board now, I have pinned one more that I picked up from the previews of the DVD…perhaps it will end up on this blog before the summer is over 🙂

So, I adore this movie.


It is witty, intricate, thought-provoking and sophisticated. And it really has a phenomenal cast. Will Ferrell as you may never have seen him before–playing a shy, semi-serious and subtly humorous character: brilliant. Maggie Gyllenhaal being her usual spunky awesome self: yes, please! Emma Thompson: just shut up and take my money. And Dustin Hoffman…I mean, c’mon it’s Dustin Hoffman.

I won’t bore you with a plot summary because you can read that on IMDB, but I will say that one thing that can easily endear me to a movie is the soundtrack and there are some really great, and totally obscure, songs in this one–just the way I like it 🙂 There are several songs by Spoon, including The Way We Get By, The Book I Write and I Turn My Camera On (just a few of my favorites). The demo version of That’s Entertainment by The Jam is EVERYTHING. And really, if you haven’t listened to anything by The Jam, go and listen. And Whole Wide World by Wreckless Eric (sung in part by Will Ferrell)…just genius.

So if you haven’t seen it yet, I would recommend it if you want something uplifting, but thoughtful and not too terribly transparent, even if it is a little predictable.

And let’s face it–I really needed a feel-good movie right about now.


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