July 9–Pineapple Whip

Since it is STILL raining this week (even though we did get a little peek of sun today!), I’m continuing my theme of pins that remind of sunny days 🙂 I originally pinned today’s recipe on my Drink Me board but it really is more like a sorbet so I should probably move it to a more appropriate board. The pin comes from The Detoxinista and claims that it tastes just like the pineapple whip you can get at Disneyland. I have never had that before but it definitely reminds me of a thicker Pineapple Julius (a treat from my childhood–I still remember the Orange Julius restaurant that used to be at the mall in the 80’s!).


Molly and I devoured this treat! The others didn’t care for it but I’m pretty sure that’s because they are ultra weird! Molly wanted to be a model for today’s blog post so we had a little impromptu photo session. Not only did we get to enjoy some mommy/daughter time together, I got some pretty cool pictures of my beautiful girl 🙂


Now, let’s get some real sunshine up in here!!


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