July 7–Gratitude list

After the events of yesterday, I was in a downward spiral today. That’s the problem with living with depression and anxiety–sometimes it hits you like a brick. It was like a perfect storm of stress, gloomy weather and lack of sleep for me this morning. I retreated to my room for most of the day and wallowed in my depressive state. I’m not going to sugar coat it–it wasn’t pretty. But I can only allow myself so much of that before I have to get proactive and make sure that it doesn’t become my routine. As I was trying to motivate myself to do my daily pin, I went back to my Pinterest boards to find something that I thought I could handle today. I ran across a pin that I had recently pinned to my Helpful Tips board from BuzzFeed: 31 Simple Ways to Make Life Easier When You’re Feeling Depressed. I knew I would need this one day and just reading through the list made me feel better (the tagline said “tuck these away for dark days” which was definitely what this was). So I picked one tip to focus on for today, number 6: make a gratitude list. Instead of focusing on all the stressful things in my life right now, I decided to focus on all the positive things, no matter how small. I wrote down everything from the fact that I took a shower today to our upcoming vacation.

DSC_2786 DSC_2785

It really was helpful. It is very difficult to be depressed when you see how much good you have in your life. And the best side effect of all was that Dawson saw me making it and wanted to make one of his own.


You can see the whole list of tips here. I will definitely be going back to this pin…it really turned my day around. I know I am going to make a “happy box” like it suggests–so I’ll have some ammunition for the next day like this!


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