July 6–The best laid plans…

So today is the day that life got in the way of my goal…

It’s about to get real on this blog. My girls have been battling lice literally all summer. It’s the reason I had to postpone my starting time for my Summer of Pinterest. Both girls had it at the same time during the last week of school. I was completely overwhelmed as it was our family’s first experience with the little buggers. I was vigilant…washing everything in the house, doing several loads of laundry a day, picking through long hair for hours. We treated and treated and thought we kicked it. Then last week Ali got it AGAIN. We treated and picked, even cut her hair short and had finally got her nit free–then tonight we found a single live bug on Molly. I pretty much had a panic attack. It is so frustrating to think that you have given everything you’ve got and it still isn’t enough. I’m exhausted–emotionally and physically. So tonight, there is no craft done, no recipe eaten. But I do have a useful tip as passed on to me from a friend. I pinned it to try–after trying several other methods, here’s hoping this one works: Cetaphil lice treatment.

So that’s my pin for the day. As Molly would say, tonight, it’s going down for real!


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