June 28–“raw” cookie dough balls

I haven’t done a recipe in a while so today I made something sweet for me that is nearly guilt-free! I had originally pinned a recipe for vegan chocolate chip cookie dough balls but when I went to follow the link, the website didn’t exist anymore. So I did a Google search to find another recipe for the same thing and found this recipe on a blog called Running with Spoons. The recipe is technically vegan but I had to un-vegan-ize it a bit to fit what I had in the pantry 🙂 Really the only thing I substituted was the agave nectar because I am too cheap to buy that…I used honey instead. Oh and I only had regular unsweetened almond milk instead of vanilla flavored but I don’t think that changed the taste much. I also didn’t have large chocolate chips but I would recommend those instead of the minis because the dough is warm when you add the chips and mine all melted. A regular sized chip or chunks would work better.


Okay, so they look like meatballs, but these taste AMAZING. And if I can make myself eat only one or two, then they are practically guilt-free. They are pretty rich though so hopefully I don’t binge eat them while I am watching Gilmore Girls or something…


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