June 22–T-shirt headbands

I realized that I haven’t used my sewing machine yet for any of my pins so I wanted to get it out and dust if off. I looked through my Sew Cute board to find something but I had procrastinated today and didn’t have enough time or materials for most of those pins. So instead I took a pin from my Refashion board that used my sewing machine AND was time efficient! The project is from Craft Snob originally and the tutorial can be found here. I used some really old t-shirts that were either way too big for me, or had some defect from years of use. I followed the tutorial pretty closely but found that I had to tighten up my headbands a bit because I had originally sewn them too big. I also got sick of doing the rosettes after the second one so I tried a simple bow on the third. I really like how they all turned out–each unique in it’s own way. And the best part was that I used stuff I already had in my house that was just sitting there taking up space. BONUS!




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