June 21–Kool-Aid meringues

I haven’t done a project for the kids in a while so I thought I would make them a quick and light dessert tonight using one of their favorite things–Kool-Aid! I got the original pin from this website called Smart School House. She promised on her blog that these would be easy and I have to say, she did not disappoint! They were so simple from start to finish and the colors are very summer-inspired! The finished product was pretty AND tasty:


I will probably cook them longer next time though–the recipe said to cook for 45 minutes but I let them cook more like an hour and 10 minutes and they were still a little chewy. They were also VERY tart. I might cut back on the Kool-Aid a little if I make them again. Molly and I were the only ones that really liked these (the others thought they were too sour and potent!). However, the entire family is now affectionately calling them “unicorn poop” because that’s just how our family rolls…


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