June 29–Dry erase wall planner

This project comes from my Home Goods Pinterest board from a while back. It’s definitely been on my to-do list for far too long! I was waiting until the kitchen was done so I could match the colors, but I decided to go ahead and pick some colors based on what I WANT my kitchen to be. That’s why I picked pastels because my dream kitchen has 1950’s robin’s egg blue walls with white cabinets and pastel accents. This will go perfectly! I pinned it from this blog and followed the tutorial pretty accurately, adjusting only for my color choices. I am super happy with the result!



June 28–“raw” cookie dough balls

I haven’t done a recipe in a while so today I made something sweet for me that is nearly guilt-free! I had originally pinned a recipe for vegan chocolate chip cookie dough balls but when I went to follow the link, the website didn’t exist anymore. So I did a Google search to find another recipe for the same thing and found this recipe on a blog called Running with Spoons. The recipe is technically vegan but I had to un-vegan-ize it a bit to fit what I had in the pantry 🙂 Really the only thing I substituted was the agave nectar because I am too cheap to buy that…I used honey instead. Oh and I only had regular unsweetened almond milk instead of vanilla flavored but I don’t think that changed the taste much. I also didn’t have large chocolate chips but I would recommend those instead of the minis because the dough is warm when you add the chips and mine all melted. A regular sized chip or chunks would work better.


Okay, so they look like meatballs, but these taste AMAZING. And if I can make myself eat only one or two, then they are practically guilt-free. They are pretty rich though so hopefully I don’t binge eat them while I am watching Gilmore Girls or something…

June 27–Washi tape card

Today’s project was inspired by this tutorial. I say “inspired by” because I didn’t actually follow the tutorial but I wanted the look of the finished card without the huge time commitment.

hello cards 2 (1)

So I got out my trusty Cricut again and just cut the word “merci” (French for “thank you”) out of cardstock that I had covered with washi tape. I used a lot of washi tape for this project but not enough to make a dent in my HUGE stash of it! I am pretty happy with the results…




Of course, Molly had to point out that it looks like it says “nerd”…oh well, I’m going to pretend I don’t see that every time I look at them now!

June 26–Bottle + spray paint

I got today’s pin from this website for image sharing. This was a project I have been eyeing for a while now. I think the design is versatile and can be used year round. I toyed around with a few different words and phrases but ultimately stayed with the original design. I absolutely adore the finished product!



I started this project before I even knew about the Supreme Court ruling today and I feel it is very appropriate that I stayed with the word “love.” I am beyond excited for my friends who have always been married in my eyes, but are now recognized by the government as so!

June 25–Colorful keys

Today’s pin is one that I’m going to call quick and dirty–the kind that I can do very quickly because the day got away from me and I have a training for work to go to in the evening! It comes from my Helpful Tips board and is one that I have wished I had done on several occasions while fumbling with my keys trying to get in the door. I had 4 silver keys and three of them were the same shape, so in order to easily identify which one I need, I painted them with different colored nail polish. This is a life hack that has been floating around on Pinterest in many forms, but the one that I pinned from specifically was from Real Simple. The finished product:


June 24–Late night layout

So today didn’t go quite as I had planned…we ended up being super busy and I played chauffeur for a while, then came dinner, and then a workout and I realized that I hadn’t done my pin for the day! Sooooo…late night scrapbook session it was! I am loving that I am getting some pages done for my albums with this challenge. Normally, I don’t do a whole lot of scrapbooking during the summer, so it has been nice to work on pages but have a nice starting point! Tonight’s layout comes from Wilna Furstenberg and was originally posted on the Two Peas in a Bucket website. Unfortunately, Two Peas closed it doors and, consequently, it’s website. Luckily I pinned this beauty before it was lost in cyberspace!


I changed the colors a bit and took some liberties with the embellishments, and I have to say, I don’t love my layout as much as I love the inspiration layout…I don’t know if it was the colors or the product that struck me in the original, but my final project seems kind of blah to me. I actually had to put some more patterned papers behind the photo to jazz it up a bit. Overall, I like the layout. I just don’t particularly LOVE it. That being said, this is one of my favorite pictures of Molly and I’m glad that it is in a scrapbook now 🙂


June 23–Upcycled tie cuff

I was still in a sewing mood today so I tried my hand at another upcycling project. Technically I should have used a vintage or old tie, but I didn’t have any on hand. I had picked up this black polka dot tie at, of all places, the Dollar Tree, so I used it because it is what I had. I would like to make a few more using better ties after I go on a thrifting trip 🙂 I had to buy snaps too but I will have more to use later so this whole project cost me under $2!


You can find the tutorial for this project on The Freckled Nest.